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Developer Services

Scalzo Property Management provides developer services that are essential in the creation of successful communities.  We provide the following tools and resources to ensure the success of a new community.

Developer Support

Scalzo Property Management
  • Association Operation Set-up and Structure
  • Budget Preparation Services
  • Forward Planning Services
  • Recorded Governing Document Collection and Maintenance
  • Insurance Acquisition
  • Sales Office Staff Orientation
  • Age Restricted and Affordable Guideline Adherence

Developer to Association Transition

  • Comprehensive Homeowner Orientation and Welcome Packet Preparation
  • Architectural Guideline Creation
    Including Implementation to Suit Specific Community Needs
  • Preventive Maintenance Program Consulting and Implementation, if required
  • Common Area Annexation Update Tracking
  • Board Orientation of Elected Board Members
  • Homeowner Committee Training
    Assist in the Creation and Implementation of Committee Charters Training, if needed
  • Documents Transfer (per State Statute)
Scalzo Property Management Banner Scalzo Property Management Banner