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I am interested in helping out and volunteering with my Association. How do I go about doing so?

The entire structure of Associations is based on the presence of volunteers with the best interest of their property in mind.  Please let your Property Manager know of your offer to help.  The Property Manager will then inform the Board of your interest and the Board can identify areas where your assistance will be most beneficial.

Why do I have to pay a monthly fee to live in my Community?

Monthly fees can vary depending on what amenities are provided within the community. The main purpose of your community’s Board is to manage the common area amenities and therefore dues must be collected from each member to finance the management and maintenance of the common area amenities. These fees typically help to pay for building maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, trash and possibly water and/or sewage, insurance and repairs in the event of a natural disaster, such as severe rain or wind damage.  Annually the Board will present the following year’s budget which require a vote by the community members.  Please see Governing Documents in your portal that you signed when you purchased.

When are my monthly common fee payments due?

Monthly common fee payments are due on the first of the month and considered late if received generally after the 10th or the 15th the month depending on the Associations Late Fee Policy.  The late fee for common fee payments received after the late date can range from $10.00 to $25.00 to a percentage of late amount.  Late fees and dates are noted on your portal.

How do I pay?

We do offer ACH so that you no longer need to worry about sending in a check each month.  ACH payments are automatically deducted from your bank account each month.  To sign up for ACH, please go to your portal and click on “Epay” and  “Reoccurring”, there are no fees.   To pay by Credit Card click on “Paylease” – a fee of 3.5% will apply.  There are no fees for a one-time payment by checking.

How do I update my information?

If your contact information, such as cell#, email address, and emergency contact information changes, you may make changes from your portal.  If vehicle or tenant information has changed, please download and fill out a profile sheet from your portal.  While in the portal you can click on “Forms” and email your updated information and also upload the profile sheet. It is important for the Management Company to have this up-to-date information, especially in case of an emergency.

How do I contact my Property Manager or Accounting?

You can find your Property Manager and Accounting contact telephone, fax and email information from your portal under “Account Contact” with links to send an email.

What should I do if I ever have a maintenance emergency?

Scalzo Property Management has a 24/7 live emergency service.  Simply call 203-790-6888 and press “1” to be transferred to the live operator.  The On-call Property Manager will then work to resolve your emergency.

What are Special Assessments?

An Assessment may be required when the annual operating budget cannot cover major improvements of the common areas such as paving, roofs, siding, windows, etc.  This can be a one-time assessment often voted on by owners.  Please refer to your current year “Budget” listed under Documents in your portal.

What is normally included in my Associations insurance?

The insurance that your Association maintains is determined by your Governing Documents. The Association’s insurance include property and casualty policies for all common area property and equipment. It may also include Liability and Directors & Officers policies that cover Directors, Committee Members and volunteers working on behalf of the Association and Workman’s Compensation.

I need a copy of the Insurance Certificate for the Master Policy. How do I obtain this?

You may go to our website, look up your property, and click on “Obtain Insurance Certificate”.  You may also obtain from your portal under Documents.

What's the reserve?

Please see Governing Documents in your portal that you signed when you purchased.

The governing documents typically obligate the Association to maintain, operate, and repair and replace the common areas. Pools, clubhouses, and parks are common areas found in many developments. In a more upscale development, the common areas might also include entrance gates, fountains, spas, and the like. Rather than wait until that time, it is typically more sensible for the association to set aside funds to put toward the reserve where it can grow and earn interest until such time when it is needed.

Do I have to obtain my own insurance?

This again is based upon the Governing Documents for your Association.  Some Associations insure the common areas, clubhouse, amenities and units as Declarant installed.  Others require that the owners insure their own unit and/or lots.  It is recommended that as an owner, you review with your insurance agent, the insurance section of the Association documents and obtain insurance to cover any loss of personal items in the case of fire, theft or other unforeseen circumstance.

What is the "common area"?

It is the land for the use and enjoyment of the members of the Association. This includes facilities like pools and playgrounds in single family communities and hallways, exercise facilities and building structures in condominiums or townhome communities.

How often are Meetings held?

Board Meetings are typically held regularly on a monthly or quarterly basis.  Please refer to your Calendar in your portal.  The Association holds an Annual Unit Owners Meeting.  Generally, at this meeting the Budget and new Board members may be voted in.  Notification of the Annual Meeting is typically mailed to all Owners a few weeks prior to the meeting.  From time to time, Special Meetings of Unit Owners may also be held to discuss Association business.  Notifications of Special Meetings will be mailed to Owners a few weeks in advance of the date.

What is the Board of Directors?

Annually, owners elect a Board to handle the decision-making and operations.  Typically, a professional management company runs the day-to-day operations in and around the property.   The association Board set the policies, standards, procedures, programs, and budgets for the community association.  The association officers implement those decisions.  In addition to the President, other officers’ positions typically are: Vice President, who assists the President; Treasurer, who handles the financials; and Secretary, who keeps records of the meetings.  Please see Governing Documents in your portal that you signed when you purchased.

I have some concerns I would like to speak to the Board about directly. How should I go about doing so?

Your Board of Directors is a group of volunteers that reside in the community.  We ask that you please refrain from approaching them with complaints or concerns directly.  Often times the Property Manager can help you with your issue and if you would still like to speak to the Board directly, the Property Manager can add you to the next Board Meeting agenda.

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