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Andrea Scalzo, President of Scalzo Property Management, Inc., and a few of our clients speak on our expertise within the industry.

Client Testimonials

Joy M.

Scalzo has been handling a property for me and has gone above and beyond. The demands on me as part of an estate have been demanding and Jason and the Scalzo team have been responsive and have been a great source of assistance. I highly recommend them!

John C.

Scalzo is an excellent property management company! I’ve been on the board of my condo association for nearly 3 years. When I first joined things were completely dysfunctional and you could cut the tension at our home owner’s meetings with a knife. When we decided to change to Scalzo things have got so much better! Jason and Emily always make themselves available and they always stay on point. They helped mitigate the disorganized mess from our previous management company. They have succeeded in collecting thousands of dollars that was owed to the association by delinquent home owners. Most importantly they have helped bring the community together by providing the home owners with service that’s second to none. They are a fantastic company all around! Myself along with the rest of our board could not be happier.

Cliff M.

As past-president of the BOD, I worked with Scalzo for over 10 years and found them to be responsible, accurate and professional. I always got the information I requested promptly or action was taken quickly on any repair requests. I can highly recommend Scalzo, and, in particular, Travis Hyatt.

Joel R.

Scalzo Property Management has been a pleasure to work with through the years. All the team members are very professional, courteous and pleasant for every interaction. I would highly recommend them for any association that is considering a new management company.

Richard B.

Scalzo Property Management has their own way of doing things. I am happy I put my properties under them, they are so organized, fast, and always follow through. Best company ever. Their team is professional, courteous and were pleasant in every interaction I had with them. I always got the information I requested promptly. Thanks for the speedy maintenance. I recommend.

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