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3 Characteristics of a Successful Manager

Posted by scalzoproperty on July 29, 2020
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Residents can expect transparent communication. Trust is built because Managers understand the importance of maintaining relationships with each resident. The primary goal is to bring value to each home, and clear communication is one element of a successful manager.

Time Management.

Managers can have a demanding workload. They oversee the community-wide day to day functions. Managers are also diligent in executing property maintenance and improvement projects. Site inspections, board meetings, and administrative tasks are balanced inbetween. An excellent manager is one that can adjust to these responsibilities and carry out each project and correspondence in a timely manner.


Successful managers can be relied on to carry out the needs of individual residents and their entire community. They have the best interest of the entire community in mind. They set reminders, get clarity when needed, and are continually responsive.

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