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How to Start a Flower Garden

Posted by scalzoproperty on June 17, 2020
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Choose a site. Soil is an important factor in growing a healthy garden. Knowing the type of soil you have can help you decide which flowers you would like to grow. Additionally, the most basic gardening technique is to also find a sunny spot to plant. Ideally, this site will be one that is visible from your windows and front porch. You should enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Choose a color palette. You want to create a peaceful yet vibrant garden that compliment your house and landscape. Reference the color scheme. Start with red, blue, and yellow – the three primary colors – to begin planning your masterpiece. Depending on the size of your garden, you may want to choose between 5-10 types of flowers. ProFlowers describes (with pictures) 151 types of common flowers in the U.S.

Design your site. You want a graceful combination of texture and unity. Repeat your favorite flower shapes and colors. Shape your planting space in accordance to your home, sidewalk, pool, etc. Your garden should be vibrant and easy to admire.

Some tips to enhance your garden: Crop rotation is a system you can use to cycle your plants which reduces the need for pesticides. Use lagoon instead of nitrogen fertilizer. Use drip irrigation to penetrate directly into the soil and root zone.

If you live in an association, you may need prior approval to modify the common elements. Be sure to read through your association’s rules and regulations, or reach out to your management company if you have any reservations.

Happy gardening!

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